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How to Reset the Windows 8.x Start Screen to the Default Tiles

If you are using Windows 8.x for any amount of time, you will quickly get to the point where your Start Screen becomes a giant mess of nonsense tiles. Want to reset them to default? It’s easy! Just open up the Desktop view, pull up an Explorer window, and then paste the following

How to Create eBooks from Wikipedia Articles

Wikipedia is a great source for all kinds of interesting information. In addition to reading articles online, you can also create custom eBooks out of Wikipedia articles that you can read on your mobile device without a data or Wi-Fi connection. To create an eBook out of Wikipedia arti

How to Add Your Gmail Account to Outlook 2013 Using IMAP

If you use Outlook to check and manage your email, you can easily use it to check your Gmail account as well. You can set up your Gmail account to allow you to synchronize email across multiple machines using email clients instead of a browser. We will show you how to use IMAP in your

Best Email Management Software- Microsoft Outlook 2013 V/s Mozilla ThunderBird 17

What is the Best Email Management Software? Have you ever use any E-mail Management tool like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla ThunderBird? If not then you should give them a try. Microsoft Outlook is basically an Email Management application but it also include other feature

Tips To Follow To Get Muscle Mass

How is it possible to quickly build muscle? How can I build more muscle? These are asked often across the world, but it is difficult to answer them. Continue reading to pick up tips on how you can build your muscles and bulk up. Ma

Finding The Best Roofing Contractor - What You Must Do

The odds are good that if you are looking forward to roofing projects or renovations, you're going to need to hire a roofing contractor. There are always a few options -do it yourself, hire casual labor such as a handyman or find a licensed contractor. Don't make a choice like this without keepin

How To Make An Office Space More Appealing

Offices can be dull and drab if you don't take any steps to do anything different. This article describes some tips and tricks for brightening up any office space and making it more appealing as a result. How many of these secrets are you trying in your office? There is nothing worse than going

Apartments in Bangalore Favourite Destination to purchase Properties

Bangalore also reckoned as Bengaluru is the capital of Indian state Karnataka which is further positioned on the Deccan Plateau. This city is known for many reasons which comprises of being the most clean and spacious further inculcating of many well structured and be

Short Stay Apartments in Bangalore city Ideal for Business or Leisure Travel

Bangalore being the silicon valley of Asia Pacific with a mesmerising cosmopolitan outlook holds its roots dearly to its heart has a constant stream of visitors who drift in and out of the city both for business and pleasure. Most of these visitors are here for a short stay. Service apart

Increase The Life Of Your Phone With Motorola Batteries

Mobile phones are very popular and smart device used these days by almost every people. Today, school going children also have mobile in their pockets. The device is developed with many functions that allow a user to feel comfortable whenever and wherever they go. The

How You Can Make Email Marketing Work For Your Online Business

If your business is not consistently using email sequences as a central part of your marketing strategy, you are missing out on one of the most effective ways to promote your products and services. Email lets you reach a wide audience of potential customers for very l

Tough Floors Need Tough Protection

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were only one kind of floor? Just imagine how easy it would be if all floors were the same. You wouldn't need people skilled in various techniques. Bog standard materials could be

5 What To Search For In Your Online Host

The handled specific server hosting makes the web24 reviews less complicated and more comforting where a business gets sufficient time and resources to purchase its core business area. In this managed service,

Folic Acid In Pregnancy

Why do we need folic acid? Folic acid is essential to include in your diet during pregnancy - make sure you get enough! Folic acid can help to prevent neural tube birth defects

From E-Learning Software to M-Learning

We are all familiar with the move from the conventional face to face training approach to e-Learning software and online delivery of training. However there is a new need emerging for even greater accessibility to training. Enter m-Learning.
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